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"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler."
Albert Einstein

Welcome to XODA - the KISSed Document Manager!

XODA is a simple Document Management System (DMS).

Please take a look at the links above and in the categories section for more information and downloads.

Thanks for your interest and enjoy!

New Release... finally! :)

If there is still anyone following this project, then your patience should be rewarded.
Today I have released XODA-0.6.4.

While the update is not really significant, it is more important to show that the project is alive. There are several reasons for the development being stalled which I have mentioned in personal email conversations with users and also at XODA.talks. I do have new ideas both about the technical implementation of things as well as about new features. The bottom line is that time is not abundant. I will try to make some time for another push of XODA.
However, I would like to ask for help for developing responsive design (CSS) of XODA. If anyone of you is knowledgeable about those things and has the time to play with the CSS, please contact me! Also, any other CSS-ideas are welcome as it would be great to show the rest of the world how pretty XODA can look. :)

Thank you for stopping by!
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Fast, Faster, InstantClick.js

Keeping XODA small in size and simple was always my goal. I even stoned it in the name. The reason for this is to keep the system fast and lean. Now, that being said, all of those efforts don't have any influence on Latency.
Here comes the great project of Alex Dieulot: InstantClick.js. Implementation was a breeze and it really makes a difference.

XODA-0.6.2 is out and was never faster thanks to Alex's awesome work. Try it and thank him! :)

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Implementing ACE editor

Using Ace Editor is an awesome option in ownCloud. This is an embeddable JavaScript text editor with many features like different themes and syntax highlighting for many languages. I really enjoyed this option and decided to use it in XODA despite the ~3.5MB added to the whole source. Implementation of Ace in XODA required some changes but I hope you wouldn't mind. When I have the time, I will make the Ace Editor more configurable in XODA.
For now, just take a look at XODA-0.6.1.
As always, thank you for giving XODA a chance! :)
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XODA-0.6.0 released!

A while ago I took a look at ownCloud. I was impressed with the work done there and realized that, while being a project with a different focus but quite a few common features, XODA can not compete with a collaborative work like that. Those guys are professionals, may have no kids, work faster... At least that's what I tell myself. :)
What kinda got me the most was the style though. It is simple, yet modern and offering great functionality. I decided that I will take XODA out of it's '90-ies look.

Based heavily on the default style of ownCloud, I completely redid the style and added some more features. Here is the result: XODA-0.6.0.
Get it! It's hot! :)

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User contribution: password safety

By default XODA does not check for password safety (complexity of the chosen password, time from last change etc.). I started the project targeting more technically literate users and never bothered implementing safer passwords practices. I still don't intent to do it, but would like to share with you a recent contribution by a user who, in the past, used to point out problems he had with products made by the infamous company from Redmond, WA, despite the clear statements on the README and on this site about these products and my willingness to support them. For this reason, I ignored him. Also, I can really not take anyone seriously who is writing me from a hotmail-account.

This time, however, the user "G S" sent me a "patch" to check for a safer password. Here is what he wrote:
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

please allow me to introduce you XODA.labs.
Small and unimportant PHP-stuff is intended to go there; so small and unimportant, that I won't bother publishing the code-pieces as separate projects. But since all of them are based on what I learned writing XODA, I decided to collect and open the code.
As usual, these projects were initiated out of pure personal need. And because they do what I initially wanted them to do, I don't have a lot of motivation to do further development on them. There will be also no support of any kind unless a particular question raises my interest for whatever reason.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by! :)

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Subscribing (0.5.0)

The option of "subscribing" to a particular directory for receiving notifications of uploads has been requested in the past. In the last week, a patch was published doing exactly that. I reviewed it and while it worked fairly well, I got some ideas which I started working on earlier this week.

Today I released XODA-0.5.0 implementing this feature.
The option requires setting an email address as part of the user account which could now be done over the "Settings". The subscription can be made over the Infobox of the particular directory.

Thanks to Andrei and his team from Scand who pushed me to finally do this! :)

Have fun and let me know about your problems!
As always, thanks for using XODA! :)

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Configuration of lighttpd

I never had any experience with anything different than Apache. (Not that I have any particular clue about the zillion options of it.) I only know that there are some great web servers out there but just never had the chance (or the need) to work with any of them. One of those fine pieces of software is surely lighttpd. And I never had any idea whether XODA would work on it. Until couple of days ago.

Just recently a great fellow with the nickname ysidoro posted on our forum the required configuration on the server side to make XODA work under lighttpd.

I deeply appreciate contributions like this which keep me trying to improve XODA despite the fact that it does the job I wanted it for around version 0.2.0 already!
Thank you so much, ysidoro! :)

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Reported vulnerability fixed

As saeeded pointed out, there was a vulnerability report regarding Cross-site Scripting (XSS) and arbitrary file upload bypassing the privileges check.

The XSS, as it is reported, is possible only after login and it requires some clarification on my site: I never meant to protect XODA from your actions. I am perfectly fine with you messing your XODA instance. XSS is undesired in the Filters section for sure. But in the description, you should be free to do whatever you like. I'm not gonna touch this... maybe just the Filters.

I just released xoda-0.4.6 with the fix. Get it and upgrade as bypassing the privileges check for whatever action is not unimportant!

Update (September 7th  2012): XSS in the Filters is now fixed too: xoda-0.4.7.

Thanks to Shai rod (@NightRang3r) for the vulnerability report and to saeeded for pointing it out!

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System commands vs. native PHP-functions, Part II. (xoda-0.4.3)

XODA-0.4.1 was released after rewriting some system functions using native PHP-code. Benchmarking some native PHP-functions against their system counterparts showed that the native ones work faster. This gave me the motivation to do the (at least partial) switch.

Now I was thinking about going on and rewriting the xd_search function and getting rid of the execs there. Before doing that, I decided to do another benchmark of several native PHP-approaches for recursive directory listing (found mostly on php.net/scandir) against the Linux/UNIX `find`. The results were interesting.

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